State of the Race: MLR Western Conference – Round 1

With one round of MLR action in the books, there’s an initial sorting in the Western Conference. Notably, each team’s forward looking potential will mirror their standing since everyone is level on games played. Without further ado…

In Control

1. Austin Gilgronis

Next Four: vDC, vUTAH, @SEA, vLA

2. San Diego Legion

Next Four: vDAL, vSEA, @HOU, vDC

3. Seattle Seawolves

Next Four: vUTAH, @SD, vAUS, vNOLA

In The Hunt

4. Houston SaberCats

Next Four: vRNY, @DAL, vSD, @ATL

5. Utah Warriors

Next Four: @SEA, @AUS, BYE, vDAL

6. LA Giltinis

Next Four: @TOR, BYE, vNE, @AUS

7. Dallas Jackals

Next Four: @SD, vHOU, vRNY, @UTAH


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