Austin Under New Ownership, Becomes the Gilgronis

Oh, Herd, we barely even knew ya…

In what feels like a sudden development, MLR’s club in Austin has underwent a change in ownership just a week and a half before the start of the season. According to the MLR’s press release, Loyals LLC has purchased the club, and there are far more changes happening quickly.

First, the Austin club will be moving to Circuit of the Americas in Austin, a racing facility. My intense research (Wikipedia) makes it apparent the team will be play at the facility’s grandstand, a sudden switch from old Dell Diamond. Will a move 35 miles south alienate fans? Austin will have to put in a bit more work to fill their new 9,000-person venue. Of course, winning can help with that.

Second, the Herd will undergo their second name change since the end of last season and become the Gilgronis. What is a Gilronis? (Gilgronie? Gilgrony?) According to the press release, “The “Gilgronis” are named after a new Texas-sized cocktail, to be released soon.”


If you didn’t already feel for Austin fans, express your sympathy. Between coming off a winless season and now adding a new name with literally no meaning, Austin is helping the MLR fit the American sports image. For every NFL, there must be a Cleveland Browns.


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