Great Players Understand Weird Situations

Rugby is a weird game. It lacks the simplicity of soccer/football, yet it is much easier to grasp than the American gridiron version of the game. At its core, its a simple game; anyone can carry the ball so long as they're onside, the ball can be kicked in any direction but only thrown laterally … Continue reading Great Players Understand Weird Situations


3 Things: 2021 RAN 1 Playoff Series: Second Leg Gary Gold demanded a response from his side after they were handily defeated by Canada a week before. Boy, did the US meet that demand. Without further ado, the 3 Things that stood out. The Eagles have a Young Crop of Potential Stars For all the value that comes from experience, it was the … Continue reading 3 Things: 2021 RAN 1 Playoff Series: Second Leg