No MLR Team Sees Every Other Team in 2022

The inevitability of some teams receiving useless, and potentially detrimental, byes isn't the only negative scheduling consequence of having an odd number of teams. Since the two conference format was established in 2020, each teams schedule has featured a home-and-away series against each conference rival and a match up against each team of the 6 … Continue reading No MLR Team Sees Every Other Team in 2022


Previewing 2020 – Conferences and Rivalries

Over the next few days, we’ll take a look at some of the top stories in Major League Rugby, especially those impacting MLR as a whole, heading into the 2020 season. First up, the conference system. Every person has that moment when they realize something in their life has changed. I don’t necessarily mean that … Continue reading Previewing 2020 – Conferences and Rivalries