Where Can Dallas Find a Result?

Major League Rugby’s all time win standings underwent a rearrangement last weekend. For the current basement dwellers, the door out is up some steep stairs.

When Chicago, playing its fourth game in franchise history, hosted Dallas, playing its twenty-first game, a win for the home side was big. But where can the Jackals find their first result?

Consider Dallas’s remaining run of fixtures:

  • Away to New England
  • Home to Toronto
  • Away to Houston
  • Home to San Diego
  • Away to Seattle
  • Home to DC
  • Home to Utah
  • Away to Atlanta
  • Away to New York
  • Home to New Orleans
  • Home to Chicago

Form and injuries can, and will, change our perception of teams as the season progresses. However, four games jump out: hosting Toronto, DC, Utah, and New Orleans. Its too early to analyze the back three, but the Toronto match up is important. If DC truly is the next winnable game, that would drag Dallas all the way to the eleventh game (in their second season!) still scrapping for a win.

How a locker room would respond to another lost season by the midway point is one concern. The community is an even bigger issue. As Dallas tries to build a fan base, they need something to show they’re competitive. That newly installed stand isn’t going to fill up for a flailing flock of folly. without some growth, the Arlington Renegades may run them out of their own stadium.


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