Chicago Stadium Looks to be Set Sooner than Later

MLR’s newest ‘contraction team’ is getting closer to taking the field, and we’re getting closer to knowing where the field will be.

The Chicago team (which we continue to believe will be called the Chicago Bison) have yet to announce… anything. However, the league clearly has faith that a stadium solution is on the way. Based on the announced schedule, Chicago will host their first game in Round 3 against Utah. With that game about 3.5 months away, a stadium must be nearly confirmed. Otherwise, the league could’ve put the team on the road for several weeks al a Toronto Arrows.

One other consideration: could a multiple stadium solution be coming? Seatgeek Stadium has been often mentioned as an option, but the 20,000 seat venue is more than a bit oversized at the moment. Could the team start in a temporary venue before shifting to a more permanent setting later on? It wouldn’t be unprecedented, as the New England Free Jacks made a similar move in 2021.


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