Welcome to the Major League Rugby Offseason

The 2022 MLR season is officially behind us. The rugby is officially not.

A big focus of RFT is covering the MLR, but that is merely one way we execute on our grand mission of providing in depth American style analysis of rugby in the USA. As the calendar shifts to the second half of the year, the ‘gone fishing’ sign is still miles away.

2022 is a weirdly busy year for the rugby calendar. A combination of regularly scheduled events have collided with some Covid-induced postponements to create a monster of a year. Well be here for:

  • Men’s Eagles World Cup Qualifiers (and the TBD fall events)
  • Rugby World Cup 7s
  • Rugby World Cup 2021
  • The MLR Draft
  • MLR Free Agency and Transaction News
  • And anything else that’s either news about American rugby (or just interesting to me)

Expect posts to be less frequent and a bit more meaty in the months ahead. I don’t believe in trying to churn out content that even I wouldn’t care about. If I’m writing it, something about it has to interest me.

That pivot (which tends to happen during the back half of each year) pairs well with changes outside of RFT. As of a few weeks ago, I’ve returned to graduate school. Nothing increases your viability as a sports writer quite like an accounting masters. But I digress.

Finally, a bit of sincere thanks is well overdo. When I started this little venture in 2020, I did little more than yell into the internet void. Today, we have a tiny piece of cyberspace engaging in conversation about the game in America in a meaningful way. For a bit of reference, our web traffic increased by a little over 500% in 2021. I was hopeful to replicate that growth in 2022.

Instead, we’ve grown nearly 1,400% with only half the year in the books.

RFT doesn’t pay the bills, but now it helps cover the occasional cafe beverage I need to get through heavier content. That’s because of each of you that read and share our work. My hope is that it helps you engage with the game and understand the dynamics of rugby a bit better. I also hope it’s mildly entertaining. And, if you’re just here to find new reasons to call me a moron, you’re welcome, too. (The ads display either way.)

Much like the MLR itself, RFT isn’t it’s final product yet. As we continue to grow, there are several different types of content I’d like to provide. For now, due to time, financial, and manpower constraints, it’ll remain as the same written word you’re reading now while hiding from your boss in the bathroom. If you want to help us get further on that path, just do what you’re doing know. Give us a read. Share it with someone else that might like it, or just leave a nasty comment. (Engagement is engagement.)

I assure you. There’s much more to come.


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