2 Things: MLR Conference Championships

Then There Were Two

Saying New York and Seattle had different paths to the title match would be an understatement.

New York is a team largely built around former stars and a few current Eagles. Seattle sports several Tier 2 internationals, but they lack the star power of other sides. Factor in that Seattle finished outside the playoff until other things pulled them back in. It’s easy to bill this as David v. Goliath.

Which is which will be in the eye of the beholder.

New York’s impressive roster has never made a Shield final. Seattle has two in the trophy case and has never been beaten in postseason play.

This one could be a dogfight.

Championship Match Headed… Somewhere

The MLR Championship is headed east of the Mississippi for the first time. That’s about all we know.

Major League Rugby has confirmed New York will ‘host’ but their home base of a Hoboken high school stadium is easily the worst in the league. Needless to say, it’s not what the league wants for it’s showpiece event on FOX.

The idea that plans weren’t in place months ago for a potential home final in New York are unbelievable. Every tan should have a potential venue in place for such a circumstance before the season begins. This could end up being a case of the league learning a painful lesson the hard way.


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