Austin Disqualified from MLR Championship Series

The Austin Elite never made the playoffs. Neither did the Austin Herd. It appears the Gilgronis addition of the franchise will end with a similar fate.

In a stunning twist, Austin has been disqualified from the 2022 MLR Championship Series. The league has neglected to provide any information past claiming a ‘violation of league rules’.

At this point, we’ll avoid speculation. The fact speculation is on the table shows the league’s error. Major League Rugby took action against a founding team run by one of the league’s most powerful owners. Something clearly reached a tipping point. However, MLR has tried to both make a massive point and not draw too much attention. This is an inflection moment for the league. Step up and own whatever happened.

On the field, this dramatically changes the playoff field. LA will take the top seed, while Houston rises to the second spot. San Diego sits two points above Seattle, but the Legion’s regular season is already wrapped. Seattle plays LA on Sunday when the Giltinis will have nothing to play for.


4 thoughts on “Austin Disqualified from MLR Championship Series

  1. It has to be salary cap right? I can’t see the league disqualifying them for something like an international player violation.


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