State of the Race: MLR’s Eastern Conference – Round 17

In The Playoffs

1. (xyz*)New England Free Jacks

Remaining Schedule: v. NY

2. (x)Rugby ATL

Remaining Schedule: v. NOLA

3.(x)Rugby New York

Remaining Schedule: @ NE


4. Toronto Arrows

Remaining Schedule: v. DC

5. NOLA Gold

Remaining Schedule: @ ATL

6. Old Glory DC

Remaining Schedule: @ TOR


x -> Clinched Playoff Spot

y -> Clinched Home Playoff Game

z -> Clinched Home Field Advantage Throughout Conference Playoffs

* -> Clinched Home Field Advantage Throughout Championship Series

Clinching Scenarios

  • Both Rugby ATL and Rugby New York can clinch a home semifinal. The team accumulating the most table points this weekend will host. If they finish level on points, total point differential from all matches will determine the host. Entering Round 18, Rugby ATL has a vastly superior point differential (102 compared to RNY’s 18).

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