Power Rankings: MLR Round 15

1. New England Free Jacks (Last Week: 1)

Their run in schedule is brutal: after playing ATL on Friday May 13th, they’ll travel to Toronto for a Thursday game on May 19th, sit around for a week and a half, host NOLA, then finish with New York coming to town five days later. If they earn the first round bye, they’ll need it.

2. Austin Gilgronis (2)

In the playoffs, likely to take the top spot, and unlikely to gain home field advantage through the playoffs, Sam Harris may look to work in some younger guys and keep key players healthy.

3. Rugby New York (5)

After floating in third for most of the season, it looks like New York may well host a playoff game on a high school football field.

4. LA Giltinis (3)

LA is talented enough to not drop games they should win, but San Diego reminded them that twin 10s (Hooley and Pietersen) will always beat one shifted scrumhalf.

5. San Diego Legion (7)

San Diego would be a team no one wants to see in the playoffs. Fortunately for the field, they probably won’t make it.

6. Houston SaberCats (8)

On the verge of the first playoff appearance in their five year history, they could go as high as second if LA can’t figure things out.

7. Rugby ATL (4)

They’ve gone from fighting for the top seed to sweating Toronto closing the gap on them.

8. Seattle Seawolves (6)

Sorry, Seawolves fans. All your Reikert Hattingh love will need to be focused on the upcoming Eagles campaign.

9. Toronto Arrows (9)

They’re beaten, battered, and still battling for a playoff spot somehow.

10. NOLA Gold (11)

Nate Osborne took a team he didn’t build and was thoroughly beaten by a team he mostly built. How Old Glory brass reads that would be a fascinating revelation.

11. Old Glory DC (10)

Turns out playing without your two top players makes things harder.

12. Utah Warriors (12)

Being a spoiler can be fun. Being a contender would’ve been more fun.

13. Dallas Jackals (13)

2023 will be better. It has to be.


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