State of the Race: MLR’s Eastern Conference – Round 14

In The Playoffs

1. (x)New England Free Jacks

Remaining Schedule: v. ATL, @ TOR, v. NOLA, v. NY

In Control

2. Rugby New York

Remaining Schedule: v. SEA, v. ATL, @ DC, @ NE

3. Rugby ATL

Remaining Schedule: @ NE, @ NY, v. TOR, v. NOLA

Fading Fast

4. Toronto Arrows

Remaining Schedule: v. DAL, v. NE, @ ATL, v. DC


5. NOLA Gold

Remaining Schedule: v. DC, v. SD, @ NE, @ ATL

6. Old Glory DC

Remaining Schedule: @ NOLA, v. HOU, v. NY, @ TOR


x -> Clinched Playoff Spot

y -> Clinched Home Playoff Game

z -> Clinched Home Field Advantage Throughout Conference Playoffs

* -> Clinched Home Field Advantage Throughout Championship Series

Key Takeaways

  • New England has clinched the league’s first playoff spot.
  • Both ATL and NY can clinch playoff spots as early as this week.
  • New England can clinch a home playoff game this week if they take the full five and force ATL to drop all five in their head-to-head match up.
  • After falling to NY, Toronto is all but officially eliminated.

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