Power Rankings: MLR Round 13

1. New England Free Jacks (1)

8 wins in a row. Their biggest rival could be complacency. ( Ex: NOLA @ LA 2021)

2. Austin Gilgronis (2)

A wild playoff could be fun. An Austin-New England Final could be much more fun.

3. LA Giltinis (4)

At this point, they could have a prop play 10 and still look elite.

4. Rugby ATL (3)

I’ve been arguing there’s four real title contenders. ATL made the case that there’s only three.

5. Rugby New York (5)

For all the noise this off season about the Sam Windsor signing, its Jack Heighton that’s representing the Roosters in the Round 13 First XV.

6. Seattle Seawolves (6)

On one hand, they hung with Austin. On the other, they reminded us all that they’re not over the hump quite yet.

7. San Diego Legion (8)

Looking good against Dallas doesn’t earn too many points.

8. Houston SaberCats (7)

They have the inside track on earning the right to lose to LA in the first round of the playoffs.

9. Toronto Arrows (9)

Given their health issues, a one week bye can’t solve all their issues.

10. Old Glory DC (10)

Given the early returns on Nate Osborne’s system, a bye week could be enough practice time to push New England this weekend.

11. NOLA Gold (11)

They’re the gold standard in a league that requires multi-platinum to win it all.

12. Utah Warriors (12)

Will any of the top players in Utah want out of town before the deadline?

13. Dallas Jackals (13)

We’re all going to root for them in Round 18, right?


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