State of the Race: MLR’s Eastern Conference – Round 13

In Control

1. New England Free Jacks

Next Four: v. DC, v. ATL, @ TOR, v. NOLA

2. Rugby ATL

Next Four: @ UTAH, @ NE, @ NY, v. TOR

3. Rugby New York

Next Four: @ TOR, v. SEA, v. ATL, @ DC

In The Hunt

4. Toronto Arrows

Next Four: v. NY, v. DAL, v. NE, @ ATL

Fading Fast

5. NOLA Gold

Next Four: BYE, v. DC, v. SD, @ NE

6. Old Glory DC

Next Four: @ NE, @ NOLA, v. HOU, v. NY

Key Takeaways

  • New England can claim the first Eastern Conference playoff berth this week.
  • The New York/Toronto game will have massive implications up and down the board. A New York win would create a nearly insurmountable gap for the Arrows to overcome. It would also eliminate both NOLA and DC. Meanwhile, a Toronto win would tighten the gap to less than a game between the two sides as well as create a massive gap between New York and the two sides above them.
  • Old Glory gaining even a bonus point against New England would take them out of of the bottom slot in terms of controlling their final placing for the first time this year. It would also create an opportunity for them to go above NOLA in the standings if they win the head-to-head match between the sides next weekend (with bonus points falling the right way in that match).

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