Power Rankings: MLR Round 12

1. New England Free Jacks (1)

Sometimes the result is a statement regardless of the style.

2. Austin Gilgronis (2)

Keep rolling against Seattle and LA and they’ll have one hand on the top seed in the West.

3. Rugby ATL (3)

Traveling to California and beating the Legion reiterates that its a four team chase.

4. LA Giltinis (4)

I’m dangerously close to linking the ‘Who’s on First?’ bit again.

5. Rugby New York (6)

They chose to go for the win instead of almost certainly take the tie at the end of the game. Will they point they gave up (and two points they gave to New England) as a result matter in the end? Time will tell.

6. Seattle Seawolves (7)

Gary Gold’s biggest issue with Riekert Hattingh will be deciding to play him at 6 or 8. And keeping him out of the sin bin.

7. Houston SaberCats (9)

I’m not sure they’ll make the playoffs, but I’m far from confident they won’t either.

8. San Diego Legion (8)

San Diego is proof that big names spending their final years in America is no longer a surefire to MLR success.

9. Toronto Arrows (5)

They’re as badly injured as anyone in the league. They may be as dangerous as anyone at home, but a bubble for the playoffs in Toronto isn’t on the table.

10. Old Glory DC (11)

DC looks like a team that doesn’t want this season to end.

11. NOLA Gold (10)

NOLA looks like a team that badly wants this season to end.

12. Utah Warriors (12)

Utah looks like a team that badly wants this season to end.

13. Dallas Jackals (13)

Dallas looks like a team whose season has already ended.


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