Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 12

After almost three years, we managed our first perfect week. Yeah, we needed a five game slate to do it, but I don’t see that as important. That moved our record to 43-20 on the year.

Winners are in bold below.

Bye: LA Giltinis

Old Glory DC v. Dallas Jackals

DC is the right team team at the wrong time for Dallas. Old Glory is suddenly confident. Dallas is traveling.

I don’t care if DC has a win now; I’m still calling it the Toilet Bowl.

NOLA Gold v. Austin Gilgronis

‘Sometimes one team is simply so far ahead of the other that analysis feels pointless’ – Me, right before NOLA played LA last year (probably)

Houston SaberCats v. Toronto Arrows

It’s a little jarring how important this this win will be when you consider there’s no particular advantage in the other team losing. Toronto looks great at home, but injuries and travel make Houston the favorites.

Utah Warriors v. Seattle Seawolves

Seattle is in the hunt for their playoff lives. Utah has already accepted they’re done. It should be an easy one, but this game just reeks of rugby chaos.

Rugby New York v. New England Free Jacks

This could be a nail bitter, but New England is a firm contender while New York is in that very next tier. The home side is tempting, but a rested Free Jack is scarier than a rested Rugby-person… or something like that.

San Diego Legion v. Rugby ATL

It’s a long flight from Atlanta to San Diego, but it’ll be a longer drive home for the Legion after they drop this one. ATL is rested, and (much like the game above) they’re in the ‘contender’ tier. The Legion are hanging with New York in the ‘dark horse’ stable.


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