Power Rankings: MLR Round 8

1. New England Free Jacks (1)

Its Beaudein Waaka’s league and we’re all just lucky enough to watch it.

2. Rugby ATL (2)

Losing at home and keeping the two spot reflects the quality of the Free Jacks and how shaky the teams below them are starting to look.

3. Austin Gilgronis (4)


4. Rugby New York (3)

Dropping one at home against a Toronto team that’s coming for their playoff spot could be pivotal when the dust settles on the year.

5. San Diego Legion (6)


6. LA Giltinis (7)

There’s a non-zero chance we see another Final at the Coliseum.

7. Toronto Arrows (9)

They’re firmly back in this playoff race.

8. Houston SaberCats (10)

They have control of their destiny. Will they do anything with it?

9. Seattle Seawolves (5)

This team desperately needs a BYE BYE BYE.

10. NOLA Gold (11)

A win is a win is a win.

11. Utah Warriors (8)

A loss is a loss is a loss.

12. Dallas Jackals (12)


13. Old Glory DC (13)

A home loss to NOLA after a week off prompted them to tell their coach… listen, you get the shtick by this point.


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