Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 5

A surprising 4-1 week pushes us to 15-8 on the year. Regression is inevitable, but we’ll keep throwing the dice.

Bye: Toronto Arrows

Seattle Seawolves v. NOLA Gold

Seattle took a hit against Austin at home. They won’t be interested in making it two in a row. NOLA had a week to regather and figure things out. It won’t be enough this week.

Winner: Seattle

Utah Warriors v. Dallas Jackals

The loser of this one likely falls out of any potential playoff push. Dallas took a big step back against New York, while Utah had a week off. A team that can’t finish versus a team that tends to show up late. I’ll take the later.

Winner: Utah

Rugby ATL v. Houston SaberCats

Houston started last year 2-2 before losing out. They won’t slide all the way to 2-14, but they will at least fall to 2-3 against Atlanta on the road.

Winner: Atlanta

Austin Gilgronis v. LA Giltinis

A prime time, heavy weight fight that will be missing a few headliners. How will Austin’s pack line up? If Sam Harris rolls out the top lineup, the home team should prevail.

Winner: Austin

Rugby New York v. New England Free Jacks

Austin/LA gets the headlines, but a game on a high school field in New Jersey is equally compelling. With both sides in strong playoff positions, this one could be a big on for the final standings. New York is at home, but its a bit hard to believe it will be a massive advantage. Both sides are exteremly strong, but I like the Rooster pack ever so slightly more.

Winner: New York

San Diego Legion v. Old Glory DC

A grizzled, veteran Legion team hosts a young, inexperienced Old Glory team that can’t find its footing. Barring cramps or a bum knee, this one should be quick. If we didn’t have to look at the SportsDeck, I’d also call it painless.

Winner: San Diego

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