Power Rankings: MLR Round 3

1. Austin Gilgronis (Last Week: 1)

They’ve done well against lesser teams at home. Going on the road against Seattle will be their biggest test to date.

2. Rugby New York (2)

They’ve only played two games, yet they feel worth the hype.

3. Seattle Seawolves (3)

The Seawall is back, but can it hold against the Austin assault?

4. LA Giltinis (4)

How close is Giteau?

5. Rugby ATL (5)

I picked them to finish outside the playoffs. Its not the end of the season, but I’m already beginning to feel like a fool. More than usual.

6. New England Free Jacks (9)

They had every reason to take a step back, but they’re choosing to sprint forward instead.

7. San Diego Legion (6)

They could win this whole thing, but they’ll need to stop cramping to do it.

8. Houston SaberCats (8)

The last of the serious contenders. The first part of that sentence is familiar, but the second part sure feels new.

9. Toronto Arrows (7)

They need to handle their business against DC or they’ll be sitting next to them on the couch during the playoffs.

10. Dallas Jackals (12)

This team is far too good to be winless.

11. Utah Warriors (11)

Paul Lasike will be a massive boost, but he 1.) isn’t arriving until after the Six Nations, and 2.) he will need time to work back into the club. Will Utah still be in this be then?

12. NOLA Gold (10)

Nate Osborn had a habit of falling just short of the playoffs, but you don’t change the coach unless you have something better lined up.

13. Old Glory DC (13)

They’d be a contender three years ago. Ah, the passage of time…

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