Power Rankings: MLR Round 2

1. Austin Gilgronis (Last Week: 1)

They started with the easiest two weeks in the league, but they’ve still dominated professional competition more than expected.

2. Rugby New York (2)

Sam Windsor learns what winning in Houston feels like.

3. Seattle Seawolves (4)

Despite a significant amount of time down to 13, the defense held Utah out. Can they take it on the road?

4. LA Giltinis (3)

Beating Toronto on a neutral site is a good step forward.

5.Rugby ATL (5)

Hosting New York gives them a chance to shoot up this list.

6. San Diego Legion (8)

Dallas couldn’t take enough advantage of the Legion’s endless penalties to steal a win. Better teams will.

7. Toronto Arrows (6)

How are they still without points on the table?

8. Houston SaberCats (10)

Beating LA and hanging with New York are good signs for a fan base that’s waited too long.

9. New England Free Jacks (9)

They get to beat up on DC this week.

10. NOLA Gold (7)

Its hard to shake that feeling that they’ll be the best team outside the playoffs.

11. Utah Warriors (11)

Regression towards the mean was always inevitable.

12. Dallas Jackals (13)

They took a big step forward against San Diego.

13. Old Glory DC (12)

They’ve been left behind by the rest of the field.


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