Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 1

Bye: Rugby New York

Rugby ATL v Old Glory DC

Eastern Conference champions versus the bottom of the conference, yet the gap isn’t as wide as it appears. I don’t know where ATL’s floor is under new leadership, but I know DC’s ceiling.

Winner: Rugby ATL

Austin Gilgronis v Dallas Jackals

Austin is in the title race, while Dallas doesn’t have a head coach. A part of me wants to give the newcomers the edge, but I don’t even know who’s making the calls in Dallas.

Winner: Austin

Houston SaberCats v LA Giltinis

Its an all new SaberCats, but its still the same old Giltinis.

Winner: LA

NOLA Gold v New England Free Jacks

An early season fight for a playoff spot in the East. both teams have new coaches, but I like the NOLA pack to take over in a slightly sloppy first game of the year.

Winner: NOLA

San Diego Legion v Utah Warriors

Was 2021 a gap year for the Legion? Will Utah continue waiting until the last minute to show up? San Diego has the better roster, and talent can do a lot in these early games.

Winner: San Diego

Seattle Seawolves v Toronto Arrows

Seattle seems to have finally moved into the professional era. Toronto will look significantly better with a long layoff and the ability to operate from home. Give the edge to the Starfire crowd in a tight one.

Winner: Seattle

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