MLR Trade Wire is Both a Step Forward and Not Enough

Last year, I openly complained abut the MLR lacking a formal transaction wire. In response, Major League Rugby set a terrible precedent.

It implicitly agreed with me.

The league has announced a Trade Wire designed to track transactions between MLR teams. The information is a bit lacking. Its a step forward to know that a player was traded for salary cap considerations, but it would be much more revealing to know the actual amount of cap space.

Also, the Trade Wire only gives information on one type of transaction. There’s no clarity about new signings or contract extensions. Take the Malon Al-Jiboori signing by Houston. Al-Jiboori was most recently with Ealing Trailfinders in the English Championship (second tier). The signing was huge. Instead of making a big deal, Houston never announced the deal and simply dropped him on the team sheet for Round 1.

I said it last year. I’ll say it again. The MLR needs third party content producers to grow the conversation around the league. In house media cannot report on the realities of an organization (refer to the current NFL mess). We increase interest and engagement with the league. The league needs to give us the information to pass to fans. Not six months later in a team announcement. It needs to happen in real time. While some teams have done well (Seattle, especially), a central point of information is needed. Full, transparent information. Signings, trades, extensions, everything.

Its a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship. The Trade Wire is a step forward, but nothing in this game can reach its full potential on its own.


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