Welcome (Back) to RugbyFootballTalk

Its the first match week of the 2022 Major League Rugby season. Now you have a reason to care about us again.

We recognize that many of our readers only keep up on the American game during the MLR season and Eagles campaign. We have the web traffic numbers. The hurt when you leave after November is nothing compared to the joy when you return in the spring.

For those of you that never left, you’re attention is greatly appreciated. The growth we’ve had in viewership statistics has left us nothing short of astonished. We can’t wait to experience another year with you.

For those of you just finding us, welcome. Our focus is on the American rugby landscape, mostly through the Eagles and Major League Rugby. We hope you’ll leave a little bit entertained and with a slightly better understanding of rugby.

This is the third year we’ve covered the professional game in the US, and we have a bigger slate of content than ever. The weekly calendar looks like this:

  • Monday – ‘3 Things’ (Our weekly look at three story lines that deserve more attention)
  • Tuesday – ‘State of the Race’ (Our weekly look at where every team in the MLR stands and the magic numbers to lock down playoff spots)
  • Wednesday – ‘MLR Power Rankings’ (Our weekly snapshot of every team in Major League Rugby and where they rank in comparison to their competition)
  • Thursday – ‘RFT Mic’d!‘ (A weekly deep dive into an issue in rugby. Usually a part of the American landscape, but occasionally ventures beyond borders. This scripted podcast keeps in tight, usually below ten minutes. You can subscribe wherever you get podcasts, or listen via YouTube or read the article version right here)
  • Friday – ‘Spoiler Alert’ (My predictions for who wins each MLR match. the goal is to spoil each match. The reality is that I generally just spoil my weekend as results trickle in.)

As if that wasn’t enough, we post content as its relevant and our time allows. You can keep up with all of this right here (make your bookmark now) or follow us on Twitter to have all our content delivered to your feed.

Once again, welcome. Whether its your first time here, you’ve been with us since the beginning, or somewhere in between, pull up a seat, pop the beverage of your choice, and let’s all take in the beautiful game that is rugby.


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