Rugby ATL Had a Very Bad Day

Rugby ATL spent an entire Thursday that felt like Friday at 5 news dump.

The day started with the announcement from Scott Lawrence that he’d be leaving the organization. The same Scott Lawrence that coached this team from a middling expansion to Eastern Conference champions in two years. The same Scott Lawrence that built this team as General Manager. The same Scott Lawrence that is often mentioned as a future Eagles coach.

The move reeks of dysfunction. Just two weeks before the season, and the coach/GM announces he’s leaving. ATL would post a statement later, but it was only after Lawrence broke the news himself. The implication was that Lawrence had such significant disagreements with the new ownership group that he needed to move on immediately, leaving the side with two assistant coaches, neither of which have shown up as a head coaching candidate elsewhere.

The day continued with an announcement that a Rugby ATL player had been suspended by the league for ‘alleged violations of the league’s personal conduct policy last year’, pending investigation. No information has leaked concerning the player’s identity or the specific allegations.

What was considered a well run franchise just a few months ago is started to bust at the seams. Whatever happens next, the new ownership needs to get things on the right track. Now.


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