MLR 2022 to Kick Off February 5th; Championship Weekend is July 25/25

When Major League Rugby started teasing us about a big news dump today, they undersold themselves.

MLR’s 5th season moves back to its February start. Prior to the 2021 Covid-delayed season, the League regularly started the weekend after the Super Bowl. This year, the League is moving in front of the Big Game and into the weekend of the NFL’s Pro Bowl. Frankly, that game looks about as much like high level gridiron as any MLR match does. The League works around the Super Bowl by avoiding any games on Super Bowl Sunday.

While the move forward isn’t ideal, it was more than necessary. The most recent season ran into the July Test window and restricted the American player pool. The current season will still feature July playoffs. With World Cup 2023 qualification expected to occur in July against Chile, USA Rugby will need as much of its player pool available as possible.

Stay with us as we break down all the news.

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