Breaking Down the Pacific Four Series

Halfway through the Pacific Four Series, there’s been one question on the minds of many casual USA Rugby fans.

“Whats the Pacific Four Series?”

First, thanks for asking. I do love a good breakdown.

The Pacific Four Series is a new cross-regional test level women’s competition. The Series pits USA Rugby (currently ranked 6th in World Rugby official rankings) against their North American rival Canada (ranked 3rd), as well as Oceania powers New Zealand (ranked 2nd) and Australia (ranked 5th). While 2021 Is the initial Series, New Zealand and Australia have deferred to 2022 due to Covid restrictions during the scheduling phase.

So, for all dues and purposes, the 2021 Pacific Four Series is a two game series between USA Rugby and Rugby Canada. Both matches are scheduled to play in Glendale, Colorado. Pandemics, man.

The ultimate purpose is to create a second major international tournament in the women’s game. The women’s Six Nations have started to find some footing, and the Pacific Four Series will provide a platform for four of the best six teams in the world.

The second match of the initial Series is set for November 5th. You can watch for free on the World Rugby YouTube page. The first match recording is linked below for your entertainment.


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