FOSROC Super6: An American’s Primer

With the Major League Rugby season behind us, we’re giving you guides to other rugby offerings for your viewing pleasure. First up, the FOSROC Super6.


The Scottish Super 6 is a highest level of domestic rugby in Scotland. The league features part time players and full time coaching with the main goal of developing talent for the Scottish provincial sides in the United Rugby Championship.

How to Watch

The FOSROC Super6 is free to watch in the US and Canada via the Scottish Rugby website.

Broadcasts are not at the level of top leagues around the world, but the production value is quite high considering it’s free to stream.

Cost: Free to stream.


The Super6 features, you guessed it, six teams. A home and away double round robin occurs over ten rounds. Since the league exists outside the Scottish rugby pyramid, there is no promotion or relegation.

Should I Watch?

It’s worth a look. Play is usually pretty solid. Occasional big plays occur, but these are developmental, semi-pro players for a reason. It makes for good listening while you finish up work on a Friday afternoon.


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