Power Rankings: MLR Round 14

Seven teams have realistic playoff paths. Even good teams are now being pushed aside. Can any team break into the current top 4? The odds are decreasing each week.

1. LA Giltinis (Last Week: 2)

The LA/San Diego rivalry could become one of Major League Rugby’s best. The Giltinis winning the inaugural match pushes them to the throne.

2. Rugby ATL (LW: 3)

Some victories assert your dominance. A home game against Houston isn’t such a win, but don’t discount taking care of business.

3. Utah Warriors (LW: 4)

The Cardiac Killers managed to beat one of the best with their stars coming off the bench. That depth is what makes them scary.

4. Rugby United New York (LW: 1)

They’ve left the door open for NOLA and New England. Their own mounting injuries may be the biggest threat.

5. NOLA Gold (LW: 7)

They’re 2-0 on their six game road trip to finish the season. They’ll need more magic to overcome RUNY.

6. New England Free Jacks (LW: 6)

Ryan Martin is one of the best coach’s in MLR. This team is dominant at home. With RUNY stumbling, the door remains open for a late push.

7. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 8)

This team is only 5 points out. They’ve found something in Kurt Morath at 10. Will Utah give them a chance to sneak past?

8. San Diego Legion (LW: 5)

Arguably the best roster in the league finally had one too many injuries.

9. Seattle Seawolves (LW: 9)

This team needs to win one this year to cement the Clarke turnaround.

10. Old Glory DC (LW: 11)

They needed the rest, but they also won’t have much to play for once they’re back.

11. Toronto Arrows (LW: 10)

Toronto would to well to rest their internationals for the July Test series instead of push them with nothing to gain.

12. Houston SaberCats (LW: 12)

Give them credit for not rolling over. There. I said something nice. Happy now?


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