State of the Race: Eastern Conference

Atlanta and New York are now in control of the playoff picture. New England is waiting if one of them stumbles, and NOLA is in the picture. Old Glory and Toronto are alive, but they could be gone within a couple weeks.

Magic Numbers

In Control

Rugby ATL

Remaining Schedule: @RUNY, vHOU, vDC, @UTAH, @NE

Rugby United New York

Remaining Schedule: @DC, vRATL, vUTAH, @TOR, @NE, vHOU, vNOLA

In The Hunt

New England Free Jacks

Remaining Schedule: vSEA, vNOLA, vRUNY, @TOR, vRATL


Remaining Schedule: @DC, @TOR, @NE, @LA, @SEA, @RUNY

Dark Horse

Old Glory DC

Remaining Schedule: vNOLA, @RATL, @TOR, vSD, vAG

Fading Fast

Toronto Arrows

Remaining Schedule: @AG, vNOLA, vRUNY, vDC, vNE


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