State of the Race: Western Conference

The Legion are accelerating, the Gilgronis are decelerating, and Utah is on an up swing. Houston and Seattle could both be eliminated by the end of Round 13. LA might’ve found a bump in the road, but their path to the top seed is still clear.

Magic Numbers

In Control

LA Giltinis

Remaining Schedule: vHOU, @SD, @SEA, vNOLA, vAG, @UTAH

Utah Warriors

Remaining Schedule: @SEA, vSD, @RUNY, @HOU, vRATL, vLA

In the Hunt

Austin Gilgronis

Remaining Schedule: @HOU, vTOR, @SEA, @SD, @LA, @DC


San Diego Legion

Remaining Schedule: @TOR, @UTAH, vLA, vAUS, vSEA, @DC

Fading Fast

Houston SaberCats

Remaining Schedule: vAUS, @LA, @RATL, vUTAH, @RUNY, @SEA

Seattle Seawolves

Remaining Schedule: vUTAH, @NE, vAUS, vLA, @SD, vNOLA, vHOU


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