Power Rankings: MLR Round 6

We finally saw some movement close to the top as a Big 3 has formed in the MLR. We’ll see if anyone can crash into that top tier in the coming weeks.

1. Los Angeles Giltinis (Last Week: 1)

You want the top spot? Gotta beat ’em.

2. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 3)

They want the top spot. They just might be able to beat ’em.

3. Toronto Arrows (LW: 5)

The East is tight on the table. On the eye, there’s a top team.

4. Rugby United New York (LW: 2)

On the table, RUNY has more Points/Match than Toronto. Last week, they looked like a traveling high school team playing on a middle school’s multi sport complex.

5. NOLA Gold (LW: 4)

This team is made of big plays. Can they defend well enough to not need 30+ to win?

6. Rugby ATL (LW: 7)

The team that was regarded as the second best defense just showed us they can attack when need be.

7. Utah Warriors (LW: 9)

6 weeks and I still haven’t picked a Utah game correctly.

8. Old Glory DC (LW: 11)

How is this team playing so well? Seriously? They’re outplaying their roster. This coaching staff deserves a tremendous amount of credit.

9. Houston SaberCats (LW: 10)

The last three games has seen them hang with three teams that should be thriving, yet they only went 1-2 in that stretch. They need to start winning close games to really assert themselves into the playoff race.

10. San Diego Legion (LW: 8)

This team is playing in their third ‘home’ stadium this weekend. They’ve been decimated by injuries. Will they be able to get healthy and right before falling out of the race? The MLR is better when San Diego is a strong player.

11. New England Free Jacks (LW: 6)

For weeks, I’ve struggled to find the team that should be at 11. New England can’t play full games and their few wins are narrow. Respectfully, this is the last team in the East. Beats being the last team in the West.

12. Seattle Seawolves (LW: 12)

What’s going on in Seattle? How do you bring in such incredible coaching talent and keep them pushed to the side? How do you reassign a head coach to assistant and not fall into disfunction? What does it take to convince Allen Clark and Rory Best to stick their names to this ragtag bunch? This whole situation might be the first true disfunction we’ve seen in the young league.


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