Power Rankings: MLR Round 5

Not a lot of action at the top, but movement in the middle. After every team playing at least four games, we’re seeing these teams for what they are.

1. Los Angeles Giltinis (Last Week: 1)

The Houston scare came after they rested Giteau for the first half. I maintain that this team will lose at some point, but they’ll hold this spot until then.

2. Rugby United New York (LW: 2)

RUNY is rolling. The match against DC was a bit closer than expected, but Troy Lockyear returning gives this team much more flexibility in the back three.

3. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 3)

After so many teams have their worst games against Austin, you have to eventually find the common denominator.

4. NOLA Gold (LW:5)

Beating a good Free Jacks team is a plus, even if snorkels were required.

5. Toronto Arrows (LW: 6)

The Arrows are pointing up, just as we all expected.

6. New England Free Jacks (LW: 4)

This is a really gritty team, but I don’t think grit gets you through the East.

7. Rugby ATL (LW: 7)

Atlanta may have the sharpest defense in the East. They won’t make the playoffs, but they’ll beat a couple teams that will.

8. San Diego Legion (LW: 11)

They look to be turning the corner. Knocking LA off this weekend would move them to the top third of this list.

9. Utah Warriors (LW: 8)

Five games in and I’ve yet to pick a Utah game correctly. I’m not asking them to win. I’m asking them to stop playing me.

10. Houston SaberCats (LW: 12)

Yes, Giteau was on the bench during the first half when they scared LA, but this team is finding itself. Can they go into Utah and confirm that they have real hopes?

11. Old Glory DC (LW: 9)

It feels unfair to have so many good players this far down the list, but this looks like a team that will always compete, yet struggle to win.

12. Seattle Seawolves (LW: 10)

Part of me wants to write off a massive loss to an incredibly skilled Toronto team on the road in a game played at 7:30 AM Seattle time. The other part of me is struggling to see this team find its footing before it no longer matters.


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