Supplementary Draft Moves Appear to be Permanent

Almost a week after the Supplementary Draft occurred, it seems at least one question has been resolved.

Several fans, ourselves included, questioned what was actually being draft. Were players being permanently redistributed, or would Dallas players essentially go on one year loans to MLR counterparts?

In an appearance on the MLR Kickoff Podcast, SaberCats head coach Paul Healy talked about negotiating with draft picks. If players were being loaned, there would be nothing to negotiate.

Healy also noted that teams had a one week window to negotiate with draft picks. Theoretically, a second wave of signings could occur if talent does not agree to terms with the team that drafted them. However, it looks like the majority will sign within the negotiating period. MLR Kickoff reports that 8 of the 12 full time players and 3 of the 6 college players have come to terms already with announcements to come.

Be on the lookout for announcements this weekend and early next week. It will be interesting to see if a bidding war develops for players that do not sign.


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