Change Seems Inevitable in San Diego

The San Diego Legion were once a franchise in consistent contention. Now, even the simple of consistency seems foreign. After making the playoffs the first two years of their existence, including a Final appearance in Year Two, the franchise seems a bit adrift. Baring the miraculous, they'll miss the playoffs for the second straight year. … Continue reading Change Seems Inevitable in San Diego


Shawn Pittman Sacked By Utah

Whoever wins the 2022 Coach of the Year award should immediately get their resume reviewed. 2021 MLR Coach of the Year Award winner has been relieved of his duties with the Utah Warriors. This follows 2020 winner Rob Hoadley being fired by San Diego during rugby's longest off season. After taking over just prior … Continue reading Shawn Pittman Sacked By Utah

RFT’s Pick for the Dallas Coaching Vacancy

Usually, a coaching search should be deep and wide. For Dallas, it shouldn't be. We outlined some of the options Dallas have in their sudden coaching search yesterday. But the path forward for the Jackals couldn't be more clear. Call Scott Lawrence now. Lawrence took an expansion side to the Final in two years as … Continue reading RFT’s Pick for the Dallas Coaching Vacancy