Dallas Should Avoid Cleaning House

When Dallas postponed their inaugural season from 2021 to 2022, they assumed it would be a less daunting task than kicking off in the height of a pandemic. They might have been wrong. To call Dallas's 2022 season even moderately successful would require some suspension of reality. The Jackals take an 0-10 record into Round … Continue reading Dallas Should Avoid Cleaning House


What Prompted the Lawrence/ATL Divorce?

Scott Lawrence's sudden resignation from Rugby ATL was only one piece of a very bad day for the Georgia franchise. What led to the shocking move? Lawrence has implied in statements that he no longer saw eye to eye with the new ownership group. While short on specifics, a lack of long term clarity likely … Continue reading What Prompted the Lawrence/ATL Divorce?

RFT’s Pick for the Dallas Coaching Vacancy

Usually, a coaching search should be deep and wide. For Dallas, it shouldn't be. We outlined some of the options Dallas have in their sudden coaching search yesterday. But the path forward for the Jackals couldn't be more clear. Call Scott Lawrence now. Lawrence took an expansion side to the Final in two years as … Continue reading RFT’s Pick for the Dallas Coaching Vacancy

6 Names to Watch in Atlanta, Dallas Coaching Searches

With Dallas and Atlanta suddenly needing to replace Michael Hodge and Scott Lawrence just weeks before the season, we've pulled together five names to watch in the coaching scramble search. Elaine Vassie Candidate for: Dallas Jackals The first name should be the most obvious. Elaine Vassie initially joined Dallas prior to its 2021 inaugural season … Continue reading 6 Names to Watch in Atlanta, Dallas Coaching Searches